Before Your First Visit:

After scheduling your initial visits to Amplify Chiropractic, our staff will email specific paperwork tailored to your individual health goals. We ask that you provide as much detail in your paperwork about your specific needs. This will help the doctor connect with who you are and help us serve you. You must have the paperwork filled out before your first visit to the office or your appointment may be rescheduled.

Day 1:

Your first visit to the office will give us the opportunity to connect with you and listen to your health needs. At Amplify Chiropractic, we care about your wellness goals and strive to help you achieve them to the best of our ability. During this time we will ask that you provide as much detail about your individual needs and concerns.

After connecting one on one over your paperwork, we will perform a detailed assessment, determining if your neuro-spinal system is balanced. A comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal analysis will be performed and if needed additional test (such has x-rays) will be ordered. This will allow us to see what structural compensations your body might be making to adapt to different stress on your nervous system.

Once your history and neuro-spinal analysis are finished, we will go over your health goals and determine if our office is the right fit for you and your needs. Please allot the appropriate time needed, as the first visit will take approximately 45 minutes.

Our office understands the needs of their pediatric patients, especially with Neuro-developmental and Sensory Processing Disorders. In these cases, we will provide a specific sensory-based assessment for your child. Please let us know before your first visit how we can best accommodate you and your child’s needs such as setting up a phone consultation, splitting appointment times, or blocked off hours for an in-office examination.


Day 2:

By the time of your second visit, the doctor has gone over the results of your neuro-spinal analysis and has created a care plan specific to your individual health needs. At this visit, we will sit down and discuss your care plan along with any additional recommendations or evaluations that have been performed. During this time, you can ask any questions or concerns that you may have about your care plan and the next steps that will be taken towards elevating your health. Please note that this visit will take approximately 30 minutes.

If you’re committed to your health and the health of those around you, we are here to facilitate you on your journey.