Helping You Take Control of Your Physical Health

At Amplify, we offer in-house and mobile chiropractic care to humans and animals looking to maintain, prevent, or enhance their health to its highest potential.

Comprehensive Wellness

Enhance your overall health and well-being

Individualized Care

Tailored treatment to meet your needs and goals

Lasting Impact

Sustainable improvement for long-term health

Meet the Doc

Dr. Keeton Perry

Dr. Keeton Perry graduated from Texas A&M University in 2013 with a degree in Sports Management before obtaining his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in December 2016. Although initially unsure about becoming a chiropractor, he developed a passion for chiropractic care during his time at Parker University.

Dr. Keeton specialized in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, obtaining certification in the Webster Technique. He is dedicated to providing care for children, athletes, and individuals seeking to enhance their vitality and performance. As the founder of Amplify, his mission is to educate the community about the human body’s potential to heal and thrive, aiming to be a catalyst for abundance, joy, growth, and wellness.

Dr. Keeton Perry Spine and Stride

Our Brands to Get You (and your pet) Aligned

How Amplify is Redefining Wellness

adjusting female athlete

Empowering Athletes

We’re all athletes. The human body is designed to move. If you move yours, you’re an athlete. Our goal is not only to remove people’s pain, but also to empower them to take control of their health.

Inspiring Change

Here at Amplify we want to shift the paradigm of how our community views and thinks about family health and wellness.

male getting cupping procedure

Igniting Health

Like kindling used to start a fire, we view chiropractic as what is needed to ignite the innate potential for health and growth that each person has within them.

Our Simple 4 Step Process to Better Health


Book an Appointment

Take the first step by booking an appointment online or calling us directly at 214-995-8299


Prepare for Your Visit

Complete the required paperwork tailored to your individual health needs and goals


Meet & Discuss Goals

In this 45-minute meeting we will discuss your health goals and perform a detailed assessment


Your Plan for Success

We will go over the results of your analysis and discuss the care plan specific to your health needs